Meet Mk Sabbir Rahman – Founder of MKSR Record

mk sabbir rahman


Mk Sabbir Rahman is the Founder and Director of MKSR Record. He’s an Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Blogger, Digital Marketer, and Web Developer. He’s known for all about digital marketing.

Mk Sabbir Rahman was born on 20 July Gazipur, in New Gazipur. His zodiac sign is Cancer. He graduated frrom Tangail Polytechnic Institute in 2022. His father’s name is Md. Nazir Hossain and his mother’s name is Rehana who played a big role in giving the proper dimensions to Sabbir’s career.

mk sabbir rahman

From a young age, Sabbir had the power to stay arising with creative ideas one after the opposite. He had no space for procrastination in his life and always worked during a “Let’s catch on done” attitude. He is understood for his astounding leadership and management skills. He possesses a perfect blend of passion to serve his clients with utmost dedication and artistic problem-solving abilities which helps him frame an everlasting image of him, within the minds of his stakeholders.

He founded MKSR Record, an online Record Label company. he’s creating an impression within the digital marketing industry with the assistance of his 10+ years of experience in dynamic global corporate and customer events. Donning the power to manage, motivate, and built cohesive teams, he’s adept at running multiple projects concurrently without leaving out any minute detail.

Moreover, being driven by high-energy communications, the problem-solving mechanism comes naturally to him. Mk Sabbir Rahman has achieved success at a really young age of 17. At the age when teens are busy playing and chatting on social media, Sabbir changed his life and made his own identity. With the rise of Digitalization, Sabbir made him successful within the technical field. In his free time, he wont to watch the success stories of the YouTubers who became zero to hero on digital platforms.

Being during a Digital platform, he wont to learn from hatred, and he drastically changed his content by his audience’s suggestions. Once in an interview, he said that & hear my audience because nobody can guide me instead of my audience they’re my ally, they support me always.

Mk Sabbir Rahman is additionally referred to as the Tech Boy of the YouTube community and referred to as Knowledge Panel Expert.

He set his aim to form MKSR Record, BD’s top record label company. He also trying to step into Tollywood and in line with a number of large filmmakers.

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